the power to prosper

We believe that money designed collaboratively between people, businesses and institutions will create the conditions for prosperity faster than any other technology. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to creating a financial market infrastructure where actors of all sizes work together to ignite the mainstream adoption of digital currencies.

Our mission is for everyone, everywhere to experience the true benefits of an inclusive, frictionless and universally rewarding financial system.

The power to prosper


Both people and institutions will instantly and effortlessly move money, assets and data across, countries, networks, ecosystems, and realities, with near zero fees.



Finally enjoy the benefits of digital currencies in your everyday life, through a system designed for both on-chain and real-world use from retail payments, to DeFi, to global settlements.


Unlocking the full power of money with ultra low fees, near-instant transaction settlement, and privacy protection, Millicent's programmable digital cash is the future of money.

why now?

Most often, the people with the least amount of money end up paying the most for financial services

Most often, the people with the least amount of money end up paying the most for financial services

People are losing purchasing power by the day in a relentless race against rising prices. They need an everyday solution to help, but new financial  services are just band-aid solutions, built on top of the same crumbling 60-year-old banking infrastructure as everything else. So-called stablecoins have crashed to zero and much of DeFi is proving to be a minefield, even for the most shrewd. Real, positive and lasting change needs to come from a thoughtful balance of legacy systems, consumer safeguards, transformative technology, and collaborative communities.

The world’s financial infrastructure is made of outdated and isolated systems

We have arrived at a watershed moment for global finance

The decisions made today will have far-reaching implications for decades to come. The common set of standards used to build the internet are precisely what allowed it to become a globally used tool for the exchange of information—email likely wouldn't have caught on if people with Gmail accounts couldn't send messages to people with Outlook accounts.  A similar set of standards are required to unite all stakeholders to create a global ‘Internet of Value’, and make sure that everyday people are empowered with a say in how we construct the future of finance.