The foundation for The Future Of finance

As core contributors to the Millicent Network, Millicent Labs are building the open financial infrastructure of tomorrow — blockchain rails that makes transferring value as seamless as the internet has made transferring data.

We aim to power a new era of financial services that are more efficient, powerful, transparent, and secure — delivering the true benefits of digital finance to everyone, everywhere.

We're proud to be supported by the best government and institutional bodies as we create a future where the idea of sending a 'cross-border payment' is just as jarring as the idea of a 'cross-border email'.

Stella Dyer

Co-founder, co-ceo

Senior management expert at the forefront of global finance and leadership, ex-investment banker with Morgan Stanley, Tech-Ops at JP Morgan, and managing Goldman Sachs' Global High Tech Investment Banking Unit.

MBA, Harvard Business School

Kene Ezeji-Okoye

Co-founder, co-ceo

Operations and growth lead with experience scaling young start-ups and implementing creative strategies for global companies including Microsoft, Red Bull, and BMW.

MBA, Anglia Ruskin University

Umair Sarfraz

Co-Founder, Engineering

Early employee, senior software developer and technical lead with the IOTA foundation. Highly skilled in systems architecture, wallets, microtransactions, cloud security, and team management.

PhD Candidate, Computer Engineering, TU Berlin

Dr. Zakwan Jaroucheh

co-founder, Research

Highly experienced in blockchain and DLT technologies, context-aware pervasive computing, and cyber-security. 6 years with Dell Secureworks; author of 20+ peer-reviewed publications in Computer Science.

PhD, Computer Engineering, Edinburgh Napier

Dr. Kseniia Ilchenko

PM / Data

Full-stack data scientist with strong background in economic modelling,  blockchain payment systems, ML and AI techniques for data analysis, forecasting and financial modelling. PSPO Certified.

PhD, Models and Information Technologies in Economics, NTU Ukraine

Bill Pike


Former COO, Corporate & Institutional Banking, of the UK's largest bank, Lloyds Banking Group. Highly experienced in delivering operational excellence, strategic direction and innovation. Bill is used to driving business lines with thousands of employees, and billions of dollars on the line.

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