Welcome to our new advisor Bill Pike

Millicent Labs
October 24, 2022

Millicent Labs is proud to welcome Bill Pike — a former COO, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Lloyds Banking Group — to our Advisory Board.

A highly experienced COO with decades of experience in senior leadership positions with the UK’s largest bank, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and insight that will undoubtedly help to guide Millicent’s path to become the financial infrastructure of the future.

Bill has a unique understanding of business and organisational strategy, gained through a range of operational, strategy and planning roles; enabling large multinational teams with multi-billion dollar balance sheets to develop and grow new products.

What’s more, Bill possesses a deep emotional intelligence — not often found amongst peers at his level — that deeply resonates with Millicent’s goal of creating an equitable financial future, and the ecologically-friendly nature of our hyper-scalable, DAG-based consensus.

“Adding Bill to our team gives us access to profound strategic and operational insights that will tremendously accelerate our journey to becoming the global infrastructure layer for the future of finance. It’s also an incredible vote of confidence in our team, and our mission, for Millicent to be attracting such top-tier talent.” — Stella Dyer, CEO, Millicent

Bill has driven impactful change and growth in all of his past roles, and we are excited for Millicent to benefit from his advisory role. We are honoured to welcome him to the Millicent team!