the dna of global finance

Tokenising existing forms of money; bridging legacy systems to those of the future; powering the open, instant, low cost and secure movement of value across the globe.

Millicent is designed to be the foundation for the next generation of global finance.



To support financial infrastructure requires the ability to process large volumes of transactions, and settle them near-instantaneously. Built with the Cosmos SDK, Millicent’s network processes thousands of transactions per second, with sub-2 second settlement.



One of the major downfalls of today's financial rails is the difficulty connecting different parts of the system. Millicent is designed not only to connect to legacy financial systems, but also to seamlessly interconnect with other public and private blockchains.



With full liquid reserves held in ringfenced accounts,  directly at the central bank, Millicent's Full Reserve Digital Currencies, like mGBP, are unlock the fungibility of stablecoins with one another, and with their off-chain counterparts. From the supermarket to the metaverse, you'll only need to use one wallet.


Secure & Accessible

Millicent supports Cosmos WebAssembly (CosmWasm) smart contracts, allowing development in widely used and secure programming languages like Rust, eliminating major attack vectors present in Ethereum/Solidity.

This allows developers to create powerful financial services and applications—without the traditional barriers to entry—and make user experiences so good, that most people won't even realize they're using DLT.