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The missing link between traditional finance and our digital future.

Millicent Labs creates award-winning infrastructure to upgrade legacy financial systems with the exponential benefits of next-generation distributed ledger technology.
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Realizing the Internet of Value

We're at the forefront of a new era, the emergence of an Internet of Value where the exchange of value becomes as effortless and efficient as the exchange of data on the internet today.

This isn't just technological innovation; it's redefining the way we interact on a fundamental level.

Come build the future with us.

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Why Millicent?

Leverage an open infrastructure bringing traditional finance liquidity, as well as internet-like scale, composability, and user experiences to on-chain financial services.

& Eco-Friendly

Onboarding the next billion users, processing thousands of transactions per second with near-instant finality and negligible energy use.

& Secure

Built on the Cosmos SDK — a battle-hardened foundation that has secured tens of billions of dollars in digital assets, with a vibrant open-source developer community.


Plug-and-play connectivity for fintechs, banks, and businesses, effortlessly integrated into financial systems worldwide.

Interoperable Composability

Leverage IBC to trustlessly exchange tokens and data across all the most popular enterprise and public blockchain frameworks, with cross-chain smart contracts and atomic swaps.

& Flexible

Unlocking the fungibility of digital tokens between multiple issuers, while meeting compliance requirements, and protecting user privacy with Self-Sovereign Identity tools.

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

Making the impossible possible through secure, scalable,
and specialized digital finance solutions.

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Self-Sovereign Identity

Own your identity, control your world. Empowering individuals in the digital age.

Tokenized Fiat

Cash, bank deposits, and e-money made programmable, borderless and brilliant.

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Foreign Exchange

Simplify FX, amplify opportunities — from seamless remittances to $7.5tn in daily forex trades.

Come build the future with us