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The power of DLT meets the simplicity of fiat.

Millicent Labs builds tools for the Internet of Money — combining the best of traditional finance with the best of Distributed Ledger Technology to create the open financial infrastructure of tomorrow.

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Money is evolving

  • Digital currency rails offer incredible advantages over traditional financial infrastructure in speed, cost, transparency, connectivity, composability, and programability.

    But, as tokenisation expands, it is increasingly unwieldy for every issuer to create their own unique, non-fungible, token.

    Regardless of the issuer, to be adopted for everyday use, tokenised currencies need to be mutually interchangeable. Millicent will make this possible, opening the door to the mainstream adoption of digital finance.
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Lightning-Fast & Eco-Friendly

Millicent is a creating purpose-built financial blockchain ecosystem to work at scale, securely processing thousands of transactions per second with two second settlement & negligible energy use.

Universal & Accessible

Pairing regulatory permissions with issuance rights, Millicent's design unlocks the fungibility of digital tokens with one another, and with their traditional counterparts like cash, bank deposits, and e-money. From the supermarket to the metaverse, you'll only need to use one wallet.

Versatile & Interoperable

Millicent is designed to unify the world's finance rails, interconnecting with major public and enterprise blockchains, as well as legacy financial systems, supporting financial inclusion, fiat on & off-ramping, institutional access to DeFi and more.

Open & Inclusive

A borderless network with fees as low as one one-thousandth of a penny, Millicent is creating the ideal framework for the next generation of financial applications and complimentary currencies that will increase global financial inclusion.

Stable & Secure

Millicent supports Cosmos WebAssembly (CosmWasm) smart contracts, allowing development in widely used and secure programming languages like Rust.

Ready for the future