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rewriting the code of global finance

Co-funded by the UK Government, Millicent Labs are building the institutionally-friendly, but community-governed, infrastructure that will ignite the global mass adoption of digital finance.

REWRITING THE CODE OF GLOBAL FINANCErewriting the code of global finance

Money is evolving

An award-winning project, Millicent is reinventing how money works by creating open, interconnected, and stable foundations for the future of finance.

Next-generation features are embedded

in our DNA

Lightning fast & eco-friendly

Lightning fast & eco-friendly

Millicent can securely process thousands of transactions per second with sub-second settlement & negligible energy use.

Low Cost & Convenient

Low Cost & Convenient

Transaction fees from one one-thousandth of a penny, cross-border compliance, & powerful—but accessible—user services with on and off-chain utility, pave the way for true financial inclusion.

Versatile & Interoperable

& Interoperable

Millicent will bridge major enterprise & public blockchains, as well as traditional financial systems, supporting financial inclusion, institutional access to DeFi, fiat on & off-ramping, tokenized assets, etc.

Founded by experts

Stella Dyer Co-Founder & CEO

Stella Dyer

Co-Founder & CEO
Senior management expert with years of experience at the forefront of global finance and leadership with Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and managing Goldman Sachs' Global High Tech Investment Banking Unit.
MBA, Harvard Business School
Dr. Zakwan Jaroucheh Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Zakwan Jaroucheh

Co-Founder & CTO
Expert in blockchain and DLT technologies, machine learning, context-aware pervasive computing, and cyber-security. Author of 20+ peer-reviewed publications in Computer Science.
PhD, Computer Software Engineering, Edinburgh Napier University

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