rewriting the code of global finance

Millicent Labs is building the infrastructure for universal money — tokenised currencies that can be used anywhere on-chain, online or in the physical world — unlocking the benefits and igniting the mass adoption of digital finance.

REWRITING THE CODE OF GLOBAL FINANCErewriting the code of global finance
rewriting the code of global finance

Money is evolving

An award-winning project, Millicent is reinventing how we interact with money by creating open, interconnected, and stable foundations for the future of finance.

Next-generation features are embedded

in our DNA

Lightning fast & eco-friendly

Fast & Eco-friendly

Millicent is a purpose-built layer 1 blockchain that can securely process thousands of transactions per second with two second settlement & negligible energy use.

Low Cost & Convenient

Low Cost & Convenient

Tokenised fiat currencies, transaction fees from one one-thousandth of a penny & powerful but accessible user services with on and off-chain utility, pave the way for true financial inclusion.

Versatile & Interoperable

Versatile & Interoperable

Millicent links to major enterprise & public blockchains, as well as legacy financial systems, supporting financial inclusion, fiat on & off-ramping, tokenised assets, and more.

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